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Galleries » Sri Lanka 2015

Sri Lanka 2015

Judge Giles Coakes, Peter Cummings SC, Carolyn Willson, Bruce Hodgkinson SC and Claudia Gormly enjoying a drink at the Delbridge Forensic Accounting Welcome Function.
Yasmine Germani, Gemologist, provided advice and assistance to Learned Friends in Sri Lanka. Pictured with Georgie McMaster Hughes, Tom Hughes and Jeremy Gormly SC.
Tom Hughes and Judge Robyn Tupman.
Beverley Cantle, Judge Bill Kearns SC and Jenny Kearns enjoying the welcome drinks.
Judge Geoff Graham and Bernie Gross QC catch up.
Andrew Stone engaged the audience in an ethics hypothetical.
Judges Graham and Tupman provided us with the benefit of their combined experience of over 50 years in “The Art of Sentencing”.
Gomin Dayasri, Sri Lankan Constitutional Law Expert, Media Presenter and Cricket Writer gave a fascinating insight into the complex modern history of Sri Lanka.
Juliet Coombe gave lessons in cooking and all things Sri Lankan.
Judge Giles Coakes found that like some cases, coconuts were hard nuts to crack.
Margaret Holtz cracks a coconut.
Things got hot in the kitchen.
Bruce Hodgkinson SC creating Sri Lankan hoppers.
Learned Friends Directors, Peter Cummings SC and Paige De Losa, dressed traditionally for the conference dinner.
Reflections from the Bench was the title of Judge Coakes interesting and entertaining paper.
Richard Schonell SC addressed us on mediation advocacy in his brightest shorts.
Howard Harrisons session on Royal Commissions was chaired by Bernie Gross QC who provided expert commentary.
Penelope Watson, Senior Lecturer in torts law, gave a thorough analysis of the emerging tort of privacy.
Ian and Chris (aka Madge) Chipchase, regular Learned Friends, at the Conference Dinner at the beautiful Galle Printers in Galle Fort.
Mark and Ellen Thompson enjoying their first Learned Friends Conference.
Judge Bill Kearns SC was not sure why Brian Dooley SC and Howard Harrison preferred fresh king coconuts over champagne.
Chris Chipchase, Judith Olsen and Barbara Whitten, principal of Anywhere Travel, at Galle Printers.
Carolyn Willson, Margaret Holtz and Verity Hodgkinson.
Greg Wilson, Jeremy Gormly SC and Michelle Painter SC. Michelle gave a paper on the Succession Act NSW.
Peter Cummings SC played an impromptu game of cricket with the village children.