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Galleries » Lord Howe Island April 2011

Lord Howe Island April 2011

Lisa McGuire, Sean O’Sullivan and John Gowing enjoying the atmosphere.
Setting off for the North Bay trip.
Delegates take time out to enjoy a glass bottom boat trip.
Warwick O’Rourke Solicitor addresses the conference.
Lord Howe proved a smash hit with the children of delegates.
Paul Westwood, Forensic Document Examiner, illustrated the fine differences between forged and original documents.
The fish at Ned’s Beach were an amazing experience.
Graeme and Beatrix Berecry enjoy the Welcome Drinks.
Lunch at Ned’s Beach.
Paige De Losa, Federal Magistrate Rolf Driver and Sean O’Sullivan at the Welcome Drinks.
Jeremy Gormly SC and Sean O’Sullivan relax at Ned’s Beach after conference sessions.
Stephen Loomes telling a colourful story.
Georgie Gorman and John McGuire at the lagoon.
The majestic Mt Gower provided a wonderful backdrop for the conference.
Stephen Wills, Chairman of the Lord Howe Island Board discussed the Lord Howe Island Act and system of land title on the island.