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Galleries » Lord Howe 2016

Lord Howe 2016

A relaxed setting for our Welcome Function.
Andrew Combe presenting.
Douglas Savage QC, Matthew Conrick and Jason McClung at the Welcome Function.
Penelope Watson presenting at the Conference.
Wendy Taylor, Judge Sarah Bradley and Jenny Mead at the Welcome Function.
Grahame Berecry presenting at the Conference.
Judge Brendan Butler and Peter Cummings SC at the Welcome Function.
Penelope Watson, Ian Chipchase and Chris Chipchase at the Welcome Function.
Grahame Berecry and Andrew Combe at the Welcome Function.
A beautiful day for a BBQ at Neds Beach.
Neds Beach BBQ.
Louise Byrne presenting at the Conference.
John Wallace presenting at the Conference.
The Wedding Notice.
Dean Hiscox presenting at the Conference.
Here comes the bride.
Penny Holloway presenting at the Conference.
At the Conference Dinner.
Harrison Combe enjoying chocolate on the North Bay cruise.
Off on an adventure at North Bay.
Enjoying North Bay.
Michael Graham and Vivien Carty at their wedding.
Learning about the bird life on Lord Howe Island.
Celebrating with Michael and Viv.
At the Conference Dinner.
Jason and Maree McClung at the Conference Dinner.