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Galleries » London 2016

London 2016

Peter Kirby, Sabina Faust and Steven Smith at the Welcome Function
Rod Powe, Carl Boyd and Bridget Maxwell at the Welcome Function
Ziva Robertson and Catherine Spain at the Welcome Function
David Russell SC, Dianne Russel, Hugh McIntosh and Annabel Murray at the Welcome Function
Judge Phillip Mahony SC and Peter Cummings SC at the Welcome Function
Fiona and Marie Bridger at the Welcome Function
Inns of Court Tour
Inns of Court Tour
Inns of Court Tour
Inns of Court Tour
Andrew Stone presenting
Peter Cummings SC, Marianne Andrews, Judge David Andrews SC, Dorothea Longrigg and William Longrigg at the Conference Dinner
Richard Roden and Sabina Faust at the Conference Dinner
Ian Chipchase, Chris Chipchase and Ian Cullen at the conference dinner
Margaret Holz, Andrew Stone SC and Bernie Coles QC at the Conference dinner
Ross and Vicki Hutchins at the conference dinner
Judge Phillip Mahony SC presenting
David Stone presenting
Ziva Robertson presenting
Mark Harper presenting
Iain Morley QC presenting
David Campbell SC presenting
William Longrigg presenting
Catherine Spain presenting