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Sri Lanka 2015

Sri Lanka Legal Conference

Sri Lanka Legal Conference

3-10 January 2015

In January 2015 we travelled to Sri Lanka.  Whist it was a turbulent time for the country, with an election during our stay, delegates managed to overcome numerous imposed hurdles and enjoyed sightseeing, shopping and exploring.

Our presenters once again included highly acclaimed speakers/professionals including Andrew Stone, Judges Robyn Tupman, Geoff Graham and Giles Coakes, Michelle Painter SC, Penelope Watson, Howard Harrison and Richard Schonell SC.  On a local level we had a presentation from Gomin Dayasri, a local practitioner who has represented the government in relation to various prosecution’s, which was challenging and thought provoking.

Presentations varied from The Art of Sentencing to The Succession Act and then the emerging tort of privacy.

On the social front delegates, partners and their families enjoyed a walking tour of Colombo, a culinary tour of Galle Fort (including some cooking lessons) and a wonderful Conference Dinner at Fort Printers.

Our sincere thanks go to our wonderful speakers, and to all of the participants who made Sri Lanka such a memorable conference in spite of the political climate at the time.

Papers from our Sri Lanka Conference are available on this website in Conference Papers.