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Spain/Portugal 2019

Spain/Portugal Legal Conference 2019

Spain/Portugal Legal Conference 2019

19-26 August 2019

In August 2019 we travelled to Seville and Lisbon.  Both countries are popular destinations at the moment and both have so much to offer in terms of history, culture and food!!!  The Conference commenced in Seville and concluded in Lisbon.  Our delegates, presenters and their families enjoyed a week of sightseeing including walking tours in Seville and Lisbon and a food tour in Lisbon.  The weather was wonderful, albeit a little hot in Seville.

As always the highlight of the Conference was hearing from a local lawyer in Seville – Sebastian Gamero.  His presentation was enlightening and gave delegates an insight into what it’s like to practice in Spain.

Our Australian presenters were also first class and included Judge Dina Yehia SC, Peter Cummings SC, Suzanne Christie SC, Kim Morrissey, Stephanie Fendekian, Suzanne Delbridge, Katherine Johnson, Helen Miedzinski and Andrew Delbridge.  The presentation by Judge Dina Yehia SC on Indigenous Issues and the Criminal Justice System:  A comparative study between Australia and Canada was first class and provided our delegates with much food for thought.  Similarly Andrew Delbridge got a standing ovation (sorry couldn’t help it!) for his presentation entitled “Is Sitting the new Smoking”.

On a more social note the walking tours in both Seville and Portugal were fascinating and provided real insights into both cities.  The lunch on route between Seville and Portugal at Herdade do Esporao Vineyard was amazing.  Finally the food tour of Lisbon provided an opportunity for delegates to experience some local delicacies washed down with local wines.  

Our sincere thanks, as always, go to our exceptional speakers and to all of our delegates who made our Spain/Portugal Conference both enjoyable and successful.

Papers from our Spain/Portugal Conference are available on this website in Conference Papers.