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Hong Kong 2017

Hong Kong Legal Conference

Hong Kong Legal Conference

8-14 April 2017

In April 2017 we travelled to Hong Kong, a vibrant city with so much to offer.

Our delegates, presenters and their families enjoyed a week of sightseeing, shopping and culinary delights. The weather was perfect and the sunset Junk cruise was something few will forget quickly.

The formal part of our conference opened with a stimulating presentation on ethical challenges for the 21st century lawyer by Peter Cummings SC. This was followed by David Jones who explored the changing role for lawyers within the digitally connected world. His insight into social media was thought provoking.

Michael Hartmann GBS, a local expat living in Hong Kong, explored the role of Hong Kong’s judiciary post 1997 and was able to share with us some fascinating insights in relation to the role of the judiciary during this time and continuing. 

Michael Paul then presented on the broad issue of costs and how to get paid. Costs are always a topical subject and this was no exception.

Michelle Painter SC presented on the impact of family provision claims in circumstances where succession plans were in place and the approach of the courts. As always Michelle is a popular and thought provoking presenter.

Caroline Counsel presented a relevant and useful paper on how to detect when your client is lying and ascertaining why they lie.

Our conference concluded with the complimentary papers of Judge Kevin Lapthorn who presented on violence in the court room and exploring better ways to manage such issues followed by Stephen Rugendyke who explored child protection cases before the family courts. 

On a more social note the walking tour of the central and western districts of Hong Kong was fun and informative and the conference dinner at Qi Nine Dragons provided an opportunity for delegates, speakers and their families to swap travel stories and network in a very informal environment.  The sunset cruise, however, aboard a traditional junk was certainly a highlight for many delegates.

Our sincere thanks go to our wonderful speakers, and to all of the participants who made our first Hong Kong conference both enjoyable and successful.

Papers from our Hong Kong Conference are available on this website in Conference Papers.