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Berlin/Nuremberg 2016

Germany: Berlin/Nuremberg Legal Conference

Germany: Berlin/Nuremberg Legal Conference

14-21 September 2015

In September 2015 we travelled to Nuremberg and Berlin.

Our delegates, presenters and their families enjoyed a week of history and sightseeing.

The formal part of our conference opened in Nuremberg with a stimulating presentation on Combat Injury Negligence by Justice Peter Garling. This was followed by fascinating presentation by Stuart Bugg, a local lawyer who practices in Nuremberg. 

Other highlights included Justice Peter Hamill presenting on the Ethics and Legality of Drone Strikes, Judge Dina Yehia SC presentation of Expert Evidence, Judge Paul Lakatos SC presentation on The Rule of Law and Judge Kevin Lapthorns presentation on Surrogacy and the Concept of Parentage in Family Law.

On a more social note we had a tour of the Nazi Party Rally Grounds and a walking tour in Berlin, which was second to none. The Conference dinner at Brasserie Am Gendarmenmarket also provided an opportunity for delegates, speakers and their families to swap travel stories and network in a very informal environment.

Our sincere thanks go to our wonderful speakers, and to all of the participants who made our Germany conference both enjoyable and successful.

Papers from our Germany Conference are available on this website in Conference Papers.