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Conference Papers

It is Learned Friends policy to minimise paper waste and to avoid burdening delegates with weighty documents. Where possible we put papers onto our website (which we are progressively adding to). A sample of our presentations appears below.

Lord Howe Island 2021

Directors' and Officers' Duty of Due Diligence Under Work Health and Safety Law
~ Bruce Hodgkinson AM SC

Spain/Portugal 2019

Nation Building Through Mediation
~ Delivered by Katherine Johnson

Lord Howe Island 2018

Greens Breakfast Property Law Update October 2017
~ Delivered by Mitch McKenzie

Lord Howe Island Marine Park
~ Delivered by Sallyann Gudge

Cape Town 2017

Appearing Before the Mental Health Tribunal

PowerPoint Presentation - Appearing Before the Mental Health Tribunal
~ Delivered by Judge Richard Cogswell SC

Hong Kong 2017

Would I Lie to You? How to Spot When Clients Lie and Why

Costs - How to Get Paid - The Impact of Uniform Law on Your Rights
~ Delivered by Michael Paul, Special Counsel, Mills Oakley

Where There's a Will There's Still a Way: The Impact of Family Provision Claims on Even the Best Laid Succession Plans
~ Michelle Painter SC, Nine Wentworth Chambers

London 2016

Tort of Malicious Prosecution
~ Delivered by Judge Phillip Mahony SC, District Court of NSW

Issues for Medical Negligence Practitioners
~ Delivered by David Campbell SC

Family Trusts - An International Perspective - PowerPoint Presentation
~ Delivered by Mark Harper, Partner - Hughes Fowler Curruthers Solicitors (London)

Family Law Case Study - PowerPoint Presentation
~ Delivered by Ziva Robertson, Partner - McDermott Will & Emery (London)

Spousal Maintenance - PowerPoint Presentation
~ Delivered by Catherine Spain, Barrister

Genocide - PowerPoint Presentation
~ Delivered by Iain Morley QC (London)

EU Challenges for UK Lawyers - PowerPoint Presentation
~ Delivered by David Stone, Partner - Simmons & Simmons (London)

Penang 2016

How The Family Law Courts Approach An Ever Changing Family Form
~ Delivered by Norman O'Dowd, Solicitor, Legal Aid NSW

Accessing Value
~ Delivered by Ray Whitten, Whittens & McKeough, Lawyers & Consultants and Suzanne Delbridge, Delbridge Forensic Accounting

The Hague Convention: A Practical Guide for Responding to a Hague Application
~ Delivered by Donna Ward, Barrister, Frederick Jordan Chambers

How to Bill Longer: "The Elephant Sitting in the Room"
~ Delivered by Andrew Delbridge, APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist

Shariah Law: Impact on Non-Muslim spouses and children
~ Delivered by Honey Tan Lay Ean, Tan Law Practice

Financial Agreements: More Growing Pains
~ Delivered by Michael Kearney SC, Barrister, Waratah Chambers

$4$ Orders: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Level Playing Field
Peter Campton SC, Barrister, Waratah Chambers

Lord Howe Island 2016

The Tribunal is not bound by the rules of evidence, but …!
~ delivered by John Wallace, Barrister at Law, Melbourne

The Rise and Fall, and Rise, (And Fall?) of Wilkinson v Downton
~ delivered by Penelope Watson, Macquarie Law School, Macquarie University Sydney

Germany 2015

Is it Murder? The Ethics and Legality of Drone Strikes
~ delivered by The Hon Justice Peter Hamill, Supreme Court of NSW

Fiji 2015

Juster cheaper quicker
~ delivered by David Ash, Barrister at Law, Frederick Jordan Chambers

Offers of Compromise
~ delivered by Andrew Combe, Barrister at Law, Third Floor Wentworth Chambers

Offers of Compromise PPT Presentation
~ delivered by Andrew Combe, Barrister at Law, Third Floor Wentworth

Sri Lanka 2015

All in the Family…
~ delivered by Michelle Painter SC

The Emerging Tort of Privacy: A Comparative Overview
~ delivered by Penelope Watson, Macquarie University, Sydney

Lord Howe - 2014

Making Valid Legislation
~ delivered by Mark Robinson SC

What Lawyers Should Know About Emotional Intelligence
~ delivered by Felicity Wardhaugh

Protecting Domain Names
~ delivered by Nicholas Smith

An Eye on Bias
~ delivered by Ian Duane

Hawaii – 2014

Litigating Professional Negligence Claims – preparation and conduct
~ delivered by The Hon Justice C Hoeben, Supreme Court of NSW, Chief Judge at Common Law

Migration/Refugee Claims
~ delivered by Judge Rolf Driver, Federal Circuit Court

Boston New York – 2013

Guidelines for Lawyers in MediationExpert Evidence, The impact of the Civil Procedure Act, 2005 (NSW)

Ethical Guidelines for Mediators
~ delivered by Mary Walker

Recent developments in the Medical Tribunal
~ delivered by Judge P Lakatos SC

Discipline in the “Medicare Workforce” – Commonwealth Professional Disciplinary Tribunals for Australian Medical Professionals
~ delivered by Mark Robinson SC

Psychiatric Defences and experts giving evidence
~ delivered by Dina Yehia SC

Doctors in the dock – When is consent truly informed?
~ delivered by Peter Hamill SC

Liability for Failure to Warn
~ delivered by Tony Cavanagh

Siem Reap – 2013

Duty of care breach and causation under the Civil Liability Act (Sections 5B, 5C, 5D)?
~ delivered by Sharron Norton SC

A basic introduction to assessing damages in a Compensation to Relatives Act claim
~ delivered by Judge Ross Letherbarrow SC

Asbestos litigation in NSW
~ delivered by Judge WP Kearns SC

Vietnam – January 2012

Prejudice – Is It Always Black and White?
~ Bibliography for paper delivered by Federal Magistrate Coakes

Personal Goodwill and Misapplication of VTO
~ delivered by Suzanne Delbridge-Bailey

Legitimate Forensic Behaviour
~ delivered by The Hon Judge R Cogswell SC

Lord Howe Island – April 2012

Policy and practice in the processing and treatment of asylum seekers in Australia and New Zealand
~ delivered by Rolf Driver

The Legal Framework of Challenges to Administrative Decision Making in NSW – A NSW Administrative Law Refresher
~ delivered by Mark Robinson SC

Therapeutic Jurisprudence
~ delivered by Her Honour Judge Helen Murrell