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Learned Friends Professional Education

Learned Friends organises conferences for lawyers and other professionals. We aim to provide quality seminars in attractive and stimulating locations. Three of our directors are practicing lawyers who understand the most enjoyable and effective ways to juggle the demands of practice with the ongoing need to learn.

Our reputation depends upon the quality of our speakers. To this end we are continually striving to offer speakers who are knowledgeable and respected in areas of practice relevant to our delegates. Many clients comment favorably on the caliber of speakers at a Learned Friends Conference. We are proud of our attendance record at our seminars. Frank (and sometimes robust) exchanges between delegates and speakers add to the program. Partners and even children of delegates/speakers often attend conference sessions.

However at Learned Friends we believe that the learning experience takes place both inside and outside the conference room. We choose attractive (often unusual) locations and arrange various cultural and sightseeing activities to ensure that our delegates and their families also experience the history, culture and legal framework of our host venues.